PJSIP Inband DTMF exiting with 11/SEGV

Hi all, we have facing an issue when using Inband DTMF with Asterisk 18.12.1 and PJPROJECT version 2.12.

We are using Inband DTMF with alaw.

When extension send DTMF through an IVR, ASTERISK can detect the first digit then the service crash with:

asterisk.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV

Seems that core dump is not executed.

Whre are we wrong?

Any help will be apreciated

Many thanks

If starting Asterisk using systemd, it can run in a temporary environment and the core dump can end up there. Running it manually and testing usually results in a core dump which can then be turned into a backtrace using the ast core dumper tool.

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