Pjsip global codec configuration

Hi all,

I’m currently working on the migration of our sip.conf configuration to pjsip.conf

As a first step I use the pjsip.conf generated from the contrib/scripts/sip_to_pjsip script.

In the old sip.conf you could make a configuration without specifying any codecs.

I think the default was


Not specifying the codecs in pjsip.conf results on a 488

I have been looking at “config show help res_pjsip” and cannot find any global configuration for codecs.

So I guess my question is the following.

Is there a way to configure a allow=!all,ulaw in the general section or an equivalent?


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There is no equivalent. There are few global or general settings, and they generally only impact the SIP stack behavior over all - not things that are endpoint options. Instead it is recommended to inherit from a template instead, which is a feature applicable to .conf files in general[1].

[1] https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Using+Templates

Yeah that’s what I expected.

Thanks for the quick feedback