PJSIP dial application timeout using screening mode

Hi all,

I’m runing the latest version of Asterisk, 13.7.2 with the PJSIP channel driver and I’m running into the following problem:

When I use the Dial application with a timeout value and the screening mode like this:

same => n,Dial(PJSIP/number@trunk-out,25,mp)

The answer is answered by the destionation’s voicemail and the options to answer the call, reject, etc. are played to the called party. Since the voicemail is the one that answered, none of the options are ever selected and the call eventually ends but not within the 25-second timeout specified but after.
It looks like the timeout parameter is ignored when the call is answered but no option in the screening mode is selected. With the previous channel driver configured in sip.conf, this wasn’t the case and the timeout would still apply.

Does anyone know if this is an expected behaviour and if it was modified with the new channel driver?

Thanks a lot

This is implemented in the Dial application, so I don’t see how the choice of channel driver would affect it. The channel has already been answered at this stage, so the channel driver is in the cruise phase.

Hi david551,

thanks for the reply.

You’re right, it shouldn’t depend on the channel driver. However, if no option is selected during the screening mode, shouldn’t the ring_timeout still apply or since the call was answered by the VoiceMail then the timer is not valid anymore?