PJSIP call handling failing even the systems are in same network

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this PJSIP usage i started with sample applications, where i am using vidgui sample application to see video preview and also point to point call.

  1. I compiled application to desktop
  2. I connected 2 systems through ethernet cable and kept both under same network
  3. I checked video preview which is no issue coming
  4. I did call initiation which is not coming, i am getting this error
    make call error: invalid request uri (pjsip_einvalidrequri)
    i thought this is due to network error but i am not getting why it is coming since ping works both systems are in same network.
    Can someone help me in debugging this?

It would likely be due to the actual SIP request itself if the request URI is considered invalid. You would need to show the SIP traffic.

Thank you for your response.
Can you please guide me in how to check the sip traffic?

PJSIP traffic can be output to the console using “pjsip set logger on”. Depending on when the traffic is stopped it may or may not show up. If it doesn’t then something like tcpdump or Wireshark would need to be used to capture the traffic from the network interface.

Thank you Mr.jcolp. The issue solved it is my mistake of lack of knowing how to use the application. Yes now it is fine.
But we have a gstreamer based application for video streaming. Well the pjsip itself have video streaming functions. But i want to use gstreamer integrating to call features in pjsip. when call initiated it should open remote video window. But for me call is going well When i clicked on answer it is showing call status as disconnected and status as busy here.
Can you tell me what this error indicates?

Nope, you’d have to look at the SIP, SDP, and other aspects to see what is going on.

Also i just want to know is that possible to integrate gstreamer media framework to pjsip sip stack protocol?

We don’t produce the PJSIP stack, or its software, any help or insight into that would need to come from that project.

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