PJSIP Bridge 2 Channel (Charged Twice)

I’m not sure if this is by design because I’m still learning VOIP/Asterisk 13 Certified.

I’m using AMI to Call Kevin using PJSIP which uses the provider Innovation
Kevin is then Sent to the Queue which then Calls James via PJSIP which uses the provider Anveo.

         (Innovation)                              (Anveo)
AMI ------------------> Kevin ----------> Queue --------------> James

I’m getting charge per min from Innovation and Anveo.
I don’t want to be charge per min from each provider connecting two channel/people.

Is there a way to drop Innovation Channel and have Kevin and James continue conversing on Aveno?

They are two independent calls, so no matter what you’d be charged. Even if you could push it off to your provider they’d still charge you for two legs.