Pitney Bowes machine won't sync-up via SPA-2002/FXO

Anyone seen this?

-- Executing Dial("SIP/fax2-2e82", "Zap/G4/18662978025") in new stack
-- Called G4/18662978025
-- Zap/12-1 answered SIP/fax2-2e82

Aug 11 10:31:36 NOTICE[28133]: rtp.c:574 ast_rtp_read: Unknown RTP codec 100 received
– Hungup ‘Zap/12-1’
== Spawn extension (faxoutgoing2, 18662978025, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/fax2-2e82’

The PitneyBowes unit is trying to order more postage via the fax line I’ve set up with an SPA-2002. All of the PSTN connections into the location are POTS. No VOIP outside the building. Faxes send and receive fine.


BTW - Pitney Bowes error is: “could not establish link”

make sure dtmf rtp type is set to 101 in the ata? also make sure only ulaw codec is allowed…

There are a TON of settings in the SPA. However, I don’t see anything called
"dtmf rtp".

Everywhere I could specify G711u, I did when I set it up.

Preferred Codec: G711u
FAX Passthru Codec: G711u
DTMF Tx Method: Auto

Should I disable all of the other codecs?

might be called ‘rtp payload type’, needs to be 101 for dtmf.

try setting dtmf tx method to sip info, and also on * side do dtmfmode=info.

I’m sure if you could see the screen you’d know what I haven’t set correctly, but I don’t see anything in the config settings similar to what you’re speaking of that isn’t already set to ulaw.

There’s a numeric setting that’s 101 under “AVT Dynamic Payload”. Does that sound like our animal?

There’s something goofy about the way Pitney Bowes meters call home. The credit card terminal and fax machine that are hooked to the same SPA-2002 are reaching the PSTN and succeeding without issue.

I’m coming to the conclusion that this is never going to work…

I’ve tried it a hundred different ways and the PB mailer simply won’t sync up with home base. Maybe they watch the bitstream closely enough to see the codec delay in an effort to prevent sniffing. Who knows.

I’m getting to the point where I’m just going to extend a POTS line to the unit and forget about it. The propeller head in me has furiously resisted the idea until these last bouts with the problem, but my resolve is beginning to wane.

We had alot of issues with the PB dialing out, in the end it was as simple as adding a pause (a comma) to the initial dialing string.

The device was not waiting for dial tone before it dialed out.