Pickup live calls .. maybe RedirectChannel

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I have a problem with my running DECT headsets. So far I ca ntake calls with the DECT headsets but unfortunately after I have the call on the DECT headset I cannot transfer the calls elsewhere just hang up.

Is there a possibility to take another phone and dial some pattern to pick up the the live call from the headset. Can I do this with RedirectChannel?

I already tried but I have to enter the Channel which is Extension-Unique ID. How do I get to know the unique ID to transfer the call.

Hope somebody can help.

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Channel names do not involve the Unique ID. Except for local channels, they should not be simply based on an extension number. If you have a channel name that looks like SIP/extension-xxxxxxxxx, you have a security problem, as it is easy to guess valid usernames to start a password attack on the system.

The easiest way of getting the channel name without using AMI is to save in a global variable.

Once you have the channel name, you should use the Bridge application.

The Pickup application can do this sort of thing for unanswered calls, but I have no experience of it. It might even work for answered calls.