Pick up calls with a php program

Hi All,

Is it possible to manage incoming calls with a php code ?
I’d like a linear output with the incoming calls and be able to pick them up by clicking on each individual calls before taking the handset phone to speak. Is this kind of program possible in php ? I’m aware of SugarCRM but I’d like a way to code a simple php program.

Thanks for sharing any experience.


you can do that using asterisk AMI :

the-asterisk-book.com/1.6/asteri … r-api.html

you may want to use the packages listed at the end of the first link to speed up dev - you need to interact asynchrounously with asterisk - needs a bit of work

Thank you for taking some time and replying, I’ve looked at the links given and indeed
it will help to think about the way of coding the program.

Hope it will help other people too.

Tomorrow will be another good day.

See ya.