PHPAGI QueueStatus() help


This is my first attempt at setting up and developing application to integrate with Asterisk, so please bear w/ any dumb questions i ask…

Anyways i’ve setup asterisk and the call queues in real time configuration and I’m trying to develop a web management tool for the call queue. I’m using the yahoo ext lib to make AJAX calls to a my backend php script that’s uses the phpAGI library.

I’m having difficulties figuring out just how to obtain the events returned when you issue a QueueStatus command.

$res = $asm->QueueStatus("123456789"); 
if ($res['Response'] == "Success") {

the above code will print

Which maybe what you expect it to print, but i also kind of expected it to include the Events such as QueueMembers and QueueParams …

i’ve tried to setup event handlers to fire off a function when the events occur using the function add_even_handler however that also fails to ever fire…

Please anyone w/ any experience with phpAGI i would love to either see some example code or just a quick explanation on how to implement these functions… Thanks a lot

[Edit] I guess i should mention that i’m not using the phpAGI but the phpAGI-asmangaer… so just the asterisk manager class for the API.

Sorry for the bump… but i have another question now.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the phpAGI project was dead? While it seem that the libs still exists it doesn’t seem like there is much if any activity. If this project is dead, is there another library in php or perl for the asterisk manager and not the AGI, that’s still active?

While it’s true that the asterisk API/AMI is nice it seems cumbersome to have to parse the each and every event string/response string every time, and it would seem like asterisk would benifit greatly for a manager library to allow easy and quick integration of asterisk into pre-existing applications.

I believe that event based triggers would be an interesting addition to asterisk (ie a trigger is fired upon a specific event) these trigger can then call actions, and actions can be scripts or other dial plan context or something… I’m sure this would be better off in a feature request or suggestion. but i’m still fairly new to asterisk so i just wanted to see if any thing like this exists or if there are any ways to integrated asterisk manager easily w/ php or perl?