PHP lookup script XML

Hello people,

When I dial a extension I want my Aastra phone to lookup the name which corresponds to the dialed number via our LDAP server.
I’ve created the following php script.

<?php $user = $_GET['user']; //echo "de user is: $user"." "; $ds=ldap_connect("ldap"); $dn = "ou=People,dc=stokvisholding,dc=nl"; $filter="(|(telephoneNumber=$user))"; $justthese = array("displayname"); $sr=ldap_search($ds, $dn, $filter, $justthese); $info = ldap_get_entries($ds, $sr); print $info["count"]." entries returned"; $lookupname = $info[0]['displayname'][0]; echo $lookupname; ?>

I place this script under ActionURI --> outgoing
The returned value is the givename. So this script works 100%

But my question is how do I get the returned value to show up in my Aastra display?

Help is very much appreciated.


The Netherlands

I’m a bit closer to the solution. I wil explain it when everything works the way I want.
First another question.

How do I let the xml menu disappear when I hang up the phone?
At is this moment I have to press the disconnect button a second time to remove the xml menu.