Phones won't ring from incoming calls

I have just installed PBX In a Flash v 1.4.

I have 4 extensions and 3 incoming trunks setup.
I have one ATA and 3 soft phones. All register with no problem. I can call between them and they all ring and work properly.

I have 3 DIDs. One with, one from Gizmo5, and one from IPKALL. I have them all configured as trunks with incoming routes. I have tried pointing them to specific extensions and to ring groups.

When I call the DIDs they are answered. The voice attendant tells me to wait while it finds somebody to answer my call. The phones never ring. After a while I am sent to voice mail. I can leave a voice mail and listen to it.
This happens if I configure the incoming route to point to an extension or a ring group.

I don’t see any errors in the log.

I found the solution. I edited the any DID / any CID route to point to an extension. Now when I call one of my DIDs the extension rings.