Phone System Layout

I am proposing an Asterisk installation to a client who is very visual. They, and I, am wondering if a visual example layout exists of a standard phone system in a small corporate office. For example, a tree of how a call would be routed throughout the system. Ex: Partial auto-attendant during the day (calling about x, press 1 get transferred to human, calling about y press 2, get prerecorded response, any other press 3, directory press 0) and a full auto-attendant at night ("sorry, we are closed. press 1 to leave a VM about x, press 2 to get information about y, 0 for directory of voicemail boxes)

Thanks for any help!


Not sure what you asking ? are you asking for someone to produce the diagram for you to put forward to a customer ?

Any diagraming software or even drawing app will do what you want, or are you asking for a visual call flow design tool ?


just google for : asterisk call diagram, you’ll find some open source apps that can help you out.


Joao Cohen