Phone setup for mobile user

Morning all,

I have a situation where my boss has three offices in Chicago and one in the UK. He typically has four phones at his desk with a few DID’s to the different phones. The question I have is with his Cisco 7960 phones and now his SPA525G2 phones, can I have one phone in each location using three lines to provide for example ext 101,102 and 103 so when he is at any of the locations its the same?

Some of these extensions will have DID’s that will ring that extension only. What is the best configuration to get this to work? Also as an additional question, can Asterisk do an ARD(automatic ring down)? I would need to set this up for each location as well.

Thanks for your help!

p.s. I’m using Asterisk 1.4 moving to 1.8 ver soon if that helps.

Provided only one instance of the phone is powered up at a time, this should be easy, as the last phone to register wins. Otherwise, you will need to have all the phones ring at once. For this they will have to have device names that differ from the extension number, but that is best practice, anyway.