Phone rings busy after module reconfigure

Please help.

Newbie here, working on a pre-existing 1.42 asterisk installation. i ran a make menuselect and make install to get func_odbc running. I successfully did so, but now after i reinstalled the asterisk service the line rings busy.

I ran asterisk -vvvvvvcf to get a verbose output, but even so, i’m not getting any sort of feedback when i try to call. I think the calls are not getting through to sip at all. I’m at a loss what to do. Can you please assist?


There is no such version of Asterisk.

If they are not reaching Asterisk, you need to look at the source device and intervening firewalls and routers, including any firewall on the machine running Asterisk.

Excuse my typo, i meant 1.4.42. I was able to get it functioning again through a system restore, so it was something on the asterisk machine’s configuration configuration. I have no clue what it could have been though. I’m still investigating.

1.4.x is about five years past end of life!

Yeah it is. That’s what we’re stuck with for now. I may rebuild the phone system from scratch with a newer version initially but for now i’m just learning. I managed to get it running btw, so this topic can be closed.