Phone Issues

Alright, I am sort of a noob but I am excited to get Asterisk up and running for my home office. I seem to have ran into a couple of holes that I can’t climb out of…

I have an SPA941 phone with 2 line appearances. Even though I have configured the lines as separate extensions in the web interface, regardless of which one rings line one lights up. Is this normal? Also, is there a way to make this like the good old analog pbx phone so when can select a line the call goes out the corresponding line number.

I’m also fighting with an Zyxel P2000W WiFi Phone that I am trying to setup to use remotely. I can get the phone to register locally but when I take it elsewhere I cannot get it to register even when I set the asterisk box and the phone to be the dmz.

you need to read about SLA … d+SLATrunk

Awesome. I think that will do the trick.

We are looking for a top-notch C++ Architect with Asterisk, an expert. Not someone who has merely used configured or deployed Asterisk. Client is now looking at how to build products with it for their demanding customer environments.

They really need an expert, someone who

  • can change the internals (for example to support private lines)
  • this requires C programming
  • has AGI and other scripting expertise
  • has configured it to use a relational database
  • has used SIP proxies with Asterisk
  • can scale asterisk to multiple, distributed instances
  • has built high availability solutions

Total 10+ yrs of IT experience
Status: H1/GC/US Citizen
Rate: DOE
Contracting position.
Location: NY
No need of F2F, Only telephonic screening.
Duration: Long term

Contact Immediately

sorry I dont have your qualifications