Phone Connection


I have a Wildcard X100P and have loaded the wcfxo and zaptel modules successfully. My problem comes when I attach the phone line, as the alarm state is RED.

The cable I am using comes from a known working phone in the house on our business line. I have tried swapping the cable using the one from our personal phone, which is connected to a BT digital cordless handset, and the RED alarm disappears and shows as okay.

Now my question is what could be different about the cable? I have looked at the pin out on both cables, and from what I can see they look the same.

As I cannot use the home phone cable all the time I need to source one that will work. Any ideas on how I can get one, without have to buy a complete phone ?



The connection reqd is

[code]RJ11(X100) BT Plug

2 /-----2
5 -----5

Make sure no other pins are connected.


Thanks for that. So would a RJ11 modem cable be okay ?

If wired as above yes.