Persistent Script with Asterisk?


i implemented a shellscript which checks if the Asterisk Server is down, and if its down starts a new Instance of Asterisk on the backup Server.

The Script works fine, but everytime the Backupserver reboots, all changes i’ve made are gone

So how can i put in a persistent script?

This doesn’t make sense to me. There is something you are not telling us, e.g. you are possibly running some flash based packaging of Asterisk?

Sorry, i try to clarify it :smile:

I am Running 2x Asterisk Server from a CF Card.

One is active ( the main Server)
the second is a backup server which should turn on when the first one fails.

To gain this functionality i wrote a shellscript, which i placed on the backup server. But everytime the power of the backup server fails (i.e. reboot ) it removes all the changes i made to the system.
So i am now looking for a way to put my script for good in the backupserver.

This isn’t a question about Asterisk, but about the way you installed Linux on the hardware.