Permission Settings for Menu on Digium Phone

I’m trying to determine the proper permissions I want the users to have before I begin my roll out. One thing that has me stumped is even though I have turned off all phone permissions under “Change Digium Phone Settings”, the settings still remain available for change locally from the phone menu. They did however become unavailable from the web. Server is on version 6.3.3

Under the Menu button on the phone, the only option that is password protected is option 4 - admin settings. My concern is the location that these phones will be located, I do not want someone messing around with them. From the menu option without password, you can reconfigure just about everything from network, ringer, volume, reset phone to factory defaults, etc. How can I either remove or password protect the menu option?

Thanks in advance!

You can’t. There’s no password protection on the menu itself. The menu doesn’t provide fine-grained permission controls (that’d be cool, but also a bit overkill for most cases).

If the menu itself were password protected, you’d loose access to the applications menu and access to the phone restart functionality as well as to someone retrieving the phone’s IP address & firmware version without a password.

Physical access to a phone gives a user a lot of power to do harm.

It still seems odd that you could restrict the setting to change them on the web but allow them locally. Thank you for the information. :slight_smile: