Per minute billing in asterisk

Hi i am new to asterisk PBX. i have a problem with billing, if i add rates it says it is “Rate (by min)” but it is actually using per second. is there any way i can change from per second to per minute for billing.


Asterisk doesn’t cost calls. You need to contact the supplier of your billing software.

i thought asterisk is calculating the rate. i am using elastix, but thanks for the replay

Asterisk only provides the duration. I don’t know if the costing is specific to Elatix, or is part of FreePBX, but neither are supported here.

thanks for all replays its true that its is specific to elastix. i found a way to do it. just in case if someone goolge`s it and ends up here .

edit /var/www/html/modules/billing_report/index.php

instead of this line


please add this one.
$charge = $iMin*$rate_value;
$charge = $charge + $rate_value;
$charge = $charge + $rate_offset;

change it on both modules.

thanks for replys.

I have used asterisk for a Sitelink self storage software. It is really a fast billing software developed in Php. Most significant thing about about it is that it is developed by Mark Spencer - developer of Asterisk also.