Pending job running forever

I just upgraded/updated from AsteriskNOW 13 to 14 (Sangoma Linux 7) on a HP ML350 G5 machine.

The first restart was successful but after the second restart, the machine is stuck at

a start job is pending for dev-disk-by\x2duuid…
like forever!

Appreciate help fixing it…

This issue could be hard disk arelated this link have some workaround

My problem is different, not like the one described in the above link.

It has to do with CentOS 7 (Sangoma 7) not recognizing RAID disks/partition.

This post describes my situation very well:

Though, at this time, I have been adding

hpsa.hpsa_simple_mode=1 hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1
 to the boot loader/kernel every time i restart the server which is quite rare.  This allowed me to load the installed OS.