Peers defined in users.conf can't use features codes

Aloha again,

I’m running into another strange problem that I can’t figure out. This happens on both 1.6.1-rc3 &

For some reason, if I define a peer/extension/whatever if users.conf, they are unable to utilize any of the feature codes I define in features.conf.

I really need to be able to park calls using a feature code, and I can’t get it to work for these extensions. If the peer/extension is only defined in sip.conf, everything works just fine.

Wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I have to define users in users.conf to enable voicemail. Voicemail.conf does not seem to be enough anymore.

Thanks for any insight and help in this matter.

example users.conf entry

Follow up:

Removing users.conf completely allows voicemail.conf to define voicemail again. So that is a work around for myself.

The users.conf feature code bug is still a pain in the butt.