Peer call a URL


I search following function.
When the Peer 3002 come online then call a link (“”) (sample)
When Peer 3002 Diconnect (go offline) then call (“http://3002.offline”) (sample)

Anyone have a idea how it works or is it posible to do this?


This is pretty simple, write a bash script using the Linux commands grep,cut and curl. Create a cron job that run every 1 minutes for check the status of the peer.

Is it not possible with an “action url”? 1 min or 30 secs are to late… it must be on the same time…


Hmm is it not posible with asterisk server automatic?

Not without writing code in another language.

Is this easy or not? witch language?
Sorry it will be a nice to have for me…

AMI can be written in almost any computer language, e.g. perl, php, java, C, C++, C#, VB.NET,…

So you think i can write an app who is running on the same Raspberry pi who asterisk is running. an this app will be connect with the asterisk manager and show the online peers?