can i install a pcmcia card in trixbox 2.0???

what kind of PCMCIA card ?

model: GT 3G QUAD

someone can help me???

perhaps you should be a bit more forthcoming with what kind of card it is ? you’ve posted some details but maybe “it’s a quad-port 3G cellular gateway” is more appropriate ?

TB isn’t anything more than a CentOS distro with some bits added on/removed … if you have drivers for that OS for your card then you can install them. what relevance this card has to Asterisk is yet to be revealed.

Hello there,
I’am trying to run Trixbox on a laptop with a pcmcia card but so far no success in getting it to connect to the network.
My pcmcia is a Card Bus(CBL 1100) from Sunix.
My questions are :

  1. is it possible to connect with a pcmcia card (i read about deploying Voice over Wi-Fi at nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=98) but couldnt find a similar full details about pcmcia.

2.If the answer to the previous question is yes then please tell me how or where to get the info, otherwise i will consider diving into the kernel stuff to configure the Wi-Fi connexion, something i really dont wana do… :frowning:

I in advance thank you for taking time to read me and for your suggestions.


you’re talking network cards here … far removed from Asterisk !

i guess CentOS has lots of drivers, but there are limits to what can ship and it looks like you’ve found it. i expect you’re going to have to download, compile and install the drivers yourself.

sunix.com.tw/it/en/down/driv … Driver.zip is where the driver is supposed to be, but it’s b0rked. did you get a CD with the card ?

Hello there,

Greetings Baconbuttie,

I do have the CD for the Sunix card, but im now all shaky. This exercise im about to go in is really not my favorite, causing me armpit and forehead sweating before i even start…

Is the compiling and installation procedure the same as the one for the Wi-Fi detailed on Nerdvittles ? if so i will start immediatly and hopefully get it work smoothly.
This will definitely provide me with a “solid” experience (at least for pcmcia related matter) in my newly discovered Trixbox World.

I really appreciate your quick reply Baconbuttie and thank you for your support.


PS: the laptop im using is very old and is for testing purposes before setting up a real fully operational system. That is to say im not worried about getting things wrong at the first shoot, as long as i can fire up again and again till i succeed. I have the feeling that i will soon start loosing weight and make everyone around me happy :smile: …[quote][/quote]

is it the same … very likely not, and probably in a good way. does the CD not contain instructions for installing the drivers ? the Sunix site has broken links to the zip file for this card, so it’s going to be down to you to read through the instructions and follow them closely.

if it goes legs-up … it can’t be that much work to get TB installed again :smiling_imp:

Eeeeekk !! + Ooolala Catastrophe !
I have the drivers and the instructions on the CD, i will copy, paste, load, install… here and there till i get connected. Please wish me good luck. I will come back to keep you informed about this adventure.
Thank you for reassuring me TB will always let me intall it no matter what i did him wrong previously :smile:

Once again i really appreciate the reactivity, ***** to you Baconbuttie, merci beaucoup.


PS: if anyone happen to need the drivers for the Sunix Card i have, i will be pleased to upload them to a server.