PCI vs Gateway hardware Interfaces!


I’m planning to buy some hardware for my asterisk system.
I found some PCI and PCI express cards for BRI and GSM technologies.
I also found gateway external boxes for BRI and GSM technologies. This gateway boxes have an RJ45 Ethernet port and talk with asterisk with SIP protocol, just like any others SIP devices.

The question is:
The choice should be kept only on the price, or there are any technical advantages / disadvantages between these two approaches (Internal PCI versus External gateways)?

In other words:
Should I buy a BRI and GSM cards in PCI flavor, or should I go to BRI and GSM external gateways (both)?

Which is the best option? PCI or gateway?

My opinion is very simple because I don’t have any experience on these systems. I know PCI slot is going to be replaced by PCIe 1x in the future. Digium only have their BRI in PCI flavor (They don’t have PCIe model) for B410P.

Besides the prices, I can see some differences between those concepts:

-Future proof, because there are no configuration slots that can make this hardware obsolete.
-The gateway can work as a standalone device, without any asterisk server. For example, I can connect a GSM gateway directly to my VoIPbuster account and make a bridge between GSM and VoIP.
Ex: portech.com.tw/eweb/MV370/MV-370(english%20catalog.pdf

(I don’t have the knowledge to make an opinion on PCI approach)
-less delays on transmissions between asterisk and GSM
-Signal level meters
-direct control of hardware, meaning more functionalities
-Free slots dependent
-Type of available slots dependent
Ex: junghanns.net/en/uno_gsm_pci_produkt.html

In Asterisk GSM devices world, what is more common?
The PCI card or the gateway?

Please help me to understand the advantages / disadvantages between those.

Anyone with experience on those devices want to help me?

Best Regards
Rui Mendes

The biggest advantage to the gateway is you can load balance or run a HA server farm from a gateway. Without a gateway there is no practicle way to setup an HA environment.


That’s the only difference? Anything else to consider?
What about delays?
What is more common in asterisk world? Gateway BRI or PCI BRI? Why?

Anybody wants to comment?
I’d like to hear more opinions.



As the gateway is more often than not next to the server no issues with delay

What is more common in asterisk world? Gateway BRI or PCI BRI? Why?[/quote]

I think its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, I only use gateways, But then all my systems are HA systems so couldnt use cards.