PCI Full-length slot?

I’ve got a question regarding the new TDM2400P card by Digium.

The data sheet states that it needs a 32-bit 33MHz PCI 2.2-compliant FULL LENGTH.

I’m not aware of FULL LENGTH PCI slot: is it the same of a 64-bit PCI slot?

Where do I find a motherboard that fits these specs?

Keep in mind that, for the system I’m designing, I’ll need two available FULL LENGTH PCI slots (to mount 2 TDM 2400P) and one PCI slot for a Digium TE 110P card.



or if you are on a tight budget


Sorry for my dumbness, but I can’t find any reference to “full-length PCI slot” in the links you’ve posted.


by full length i think it means you need space to install a full length card. no mini cases or really tall processor fans then !!

So are you saying that “full length slot” refers to the overall SIZE of the card, and NOT to the slot port?

IF it is so, the TDM2400P should fit in any 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI slot…

Full lenght has nothing to do with the PCI connector. It uses a standard 32bit, 33mhz pci slot (the kind every pc has).

Full length has to do with the physical size of the card itself. A ‘full length’ card is a certain length, so on most cases there are slots on the opposite end that will hold the card and prevent it from bending. Not all cases are capable of holding full-length cards.

Thanks, now it makes sense! :smile:

I’ve been fooled by the word “slot” near “Full-lenght PCI”…

Just out of curiosity, why does the PCI connector on the TDM2400P have notches in front and back?

its dual keyed. It can go into a 3.3v or a 5v pci slot