PCI card working with DAHDI

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the best location to post this but I couldn’t find any other forum related to my concern. You all know that for connecting asterisk to telco we can use one of the widely used digital interface cards like those who OpenVox provides. But I came across an old project called tormenta which seems they could successfully design an ISA and a PCI card. Their project is not continuing but I had a visit from their website. They have provided Tormenta 1 (ISA) schematics so one can easily reproduce it. But I was wondering if Tormenta 2 (PCI) schematics are also released? “For those wishing to fabricate their own cards, the gerber photoplot files may be downloaded here”, they mentioned in their website. But as far as I am not expert on this field does this mean that if I deliver these files to a company which is capable of printing electrical boards they can provide my a ready-to-use PCI tormenta card? I also tried to email them with no luck ever receiving a reply. Their package includes a few .rep, .pho, .drl and .lst files. I have asked a few experts but they told me that we can not use these files to print the PCB board :frowning: is that correct?!

Thanks in advance

Gerber files only allow you to make the board. Strictly speaking, I’m not sure that Gerber even covers the drilling, but it would normally be included. You will still have to stuff the board with components and test it. It is almost certain that in runs of under several 1,000 it will be cheaper to buy a Digium card.

Also, if you have cards made this way, you will have to support them yourself.

Also remember that money you spend on Digium products goes directly to fund the ongoing development and improvement of DAHDI, libPRI, Asterisk and more. If you’re putting your money elsewhere, and you depend on any of those projects, you may be doing yourself a disservice.