PBX Expansion Cards Question

I’m thinking about setting up a small (less than 10 lines) PBX system soon. However, I’m not exactly sure how to set it up.

I already have the basics of the PBX server thought out (CPU, Motherboard, Case, Memory, etc.). However, I’m not certain which PCI/PCI-E cards I’ll need.

The incoming line will be a single POTS or PSTN (I’m assuming it’s POTS as of now, but I’m not certain. Is there any way I could find out?). The phones would be connected by Ethernet to a general network switch that also handles computers. Could I use a one port PCI/PCI-E digital card to connect the PBX server to the switch?

Also, how would the server connect to the switch for access to the internet? Would the Ethernet cable connected to the expansion card work for that as well?

This is not the Asterisk Support forum.

POTS and PSTN are not mutually exclusive.

The telephony card would have PCI and analogue phone/T1/E1 interfaces. It would not have an ethernet interface.

Ok. Could an administrator/moderator move it? (How would I notify them that I would like it moved?)

I was referring to the ethernet port on the motherboard.

Actually, I think I understand how it works.

I’d just need a PCI/PCI-E card for the analog POTS/PSTN line and the Ethernet port on the computer would handle the connection to the phones over the Ethernet network.

Am I right? (It all seems so simple now! :smile: )

Yes, that’s correct.