Payment Terminal behind Asterisk

I wanted to know if some of you ever tested to connect a payment Terminal (to process credit card, etc) with an analog VOIP adapter behind asterisk. I just moved to a new location and well having the payment terminal right next to my asterisk server so it’s connected straight on the analog phone line isn’t quite convenient. So I was wondering, instead of having an extension phone wire running all arround the room, will it work fine with a SIP VOIP Analog like the Sipura SPA-1001 that I have here?

I looked arround on the wiki but could only saw that there’s a lot of issue using an analog fax with asterisk so I’m kinda unsure.


I think what you are trying to say is that you want to hookup a credit card terminal to an FXS, through asterisk, then out to the PSTN somehow?

Long Answer: If thats the case, its probably not a good idea. The payment terminal is a dumbed down computer modem. You have a few problem. One, like a fax you’ll have to run a completely uncompressed codec on the VoIP side (like ulaw). Two, with faxes, there can be errors in the transmission - because it will just show up as a bad spec printed on the other end - with a data connection - any errors will require a retransmission.

You might (very key word here, might) be able to get away with what you want to do - but in all likelyhood there will be so many tx & rx errors that the payment processor will either take an asinine length of time to complete every process, or fail all together.

Short Answer: Bad idea.