Paterns created by NPA and _XXXX

Do any one knows how to use both paterns NANP (i.e. US: _001NXXNXXXXXX) and unknown patern (lets say: _XXX. ), but process a call right away if first US patern has diled?
Trick is that I do not want to wait time delay when Asterisk understands that patern is entered. So, simply sayng if client diled US number by NANP patern (for instance: 0016312766987) call sould be processed emidiatly. Now as I understand another patern _XXX. has “.” and always will interprited by Asterisk as more described patern, so Asterisk will wait DigitDelay time and only after if will proccess US number… :frowning:

Asterisk will choose the best of the two patterns. So for instance if you have _001XXXX and _XXX. and you dial 001+some digits then asterisk will automaticly go to the first one.

Asterisk will choose the best pattern, but it will still wait to see if there is a possibility of getting another pattern. Even if you perfectly match the NANP pattern you could still dial another digit(s) to match the wildcard one, so Asterisk will wait.

If you are dialing all calls international (001-x) then you could try something like this (not sure if this would work but you get the idea)-

_00[2-9]. (match anything else)

the result is if you dial something starting with 001 it either matches NANP or fails. Thus when you dial 001-nanpnumber at the end there is no possibility that you can dial anythign else so Asterisk connects you. Or if you dial something that starts with 002, 003, etc thru 009 it matches the wildcard and waits.

Does htat help?