Patched CID for asterisk and zaptel!

hello, all of users:
currently, CID problem is big problem for customers. as i known, (may be it is not very accurate), there are three CID format:
No.1) Before first ring, sending polarity, sending CID, then first ring
No.2) Before first ring, no sending polarity, sending CID only, then first ring.
No.3) After first ringring, sending CID.

currently, the asterisk only supports the No1, if it is DTMF format. the No2 and No3 can not been supported by asterisk. OpenVox comes out a solution or patch for the case 2 and case 3.
how to use that:

  1. get more details from:
  2. how to load the modules with parameters:
    if it is case 2, please add: cidbeforering=1
    if it is case 3, please add cidbeforering=1 cidbuflen=10
    I have tested it for 5 environments, it worked. hope work for you as well.
    if you have any problem, please report to here.