Patch misdn can't find channels/misdn/isdn_lib.c

Hi ,

I’m french user of asterisk. I got a issue today there are lot of call about 1400 on 4 T0 .

My configuration :

trixbox : v2.6.1.13
asterisk :
misdn : 1.1.7-26
Phone ST2030 firmware 2.67

My CLI when issue appear :

P[ 0] received 1k Unhandled Bchannel Messages: prim 120282 len 128 from addr 52010101, dinfo ffffffff on this port.

I found a patch to solve this issue but I don’t know how install it. So can you explain me how install this patch :

i try :

but it can’t find channels/misdn/isdn_lib.c

I’m on Trixbox PLZZZZ help me

PLZ save me Smile