Password resets

This would be sweet if it is possible!. Is there a way for users to dial in to reset their windows passwords? for example. Someone is locked out or their password needs to be reset

Can asterisk do this?

So you want to be able to dial into Asterisk and I would assume dial a password that would then reset a login password on a windows box? This would be a lot of work and I don’t see how it’s practical.

Yes. For remote users that work from home that can’t get into anything. So instead of pissing of people at the helpdesk with stupid calls, they can call into the pbx enter a few codes and then be given a temporary password to login to the system. I dont think its such a bad idea!.

what about asterisk using the system command to call up a script that uses LDAP to connect to AD and reset the password that way? it would be tricky to set up, but i don’t see any technical hurdles that would prevent it from working…

theoretically this could be possible… get a script going that will reset a password and use AGI or System() to interact with this…

of course naturally this will have to have some kind of other security… ie ask them to enter their employee badge number or something so it does not become a security risk… :\