Passing keys to originated call


this is my very first post so please forgive me if I am using the wrong forum, the wrong lingo or whatever

I am trying to set up an Asterisk system with softphones and DECT headsets. I use call origination in the dialplan to be able to dial the number with the softphone and have the conversation through the headset (probably nothing fancy)

Question: If the number I am dialing has a voice menu I would like to make my choice using the softphone but how can I pass the keys to the originated call?

Since I am probably a very basic user of Asterisk I guess there is a pretty straightforward solution but if so, I am a pretty basic google user as well.
Assistance is highly appreciated


I think you need to provide the relevant parts of the dialplan.

Nothing special is necessary to pass DTMF digits thorugh Asterisk. However, it is not clear to me that the phone with the dial is actually in circuit.

Hi David
thanks for the quick reply
I hope this means that I actually chose the appropriate forum anyway

just now I am unable to send the dialplan because I have no on-line connection to that server but I will do that asap

Right off, I can tell you that the dialplan contains an
Originate (…) call instead of the
Dial (… ) call

As far as I can see there is no connection between the softphone and the headset after the Originate() and this is why I can’t pass the digits to the call.

However, I appreciate if you are unable to advice without more information an I presume that you ask for the relevant part of sip.conf and extensions.conf . (correct?)


You would either need to use AMI (in which case you wouldn’t use the softphone for the HCI functions), or conference the all the parties together.

Can I get rid of softphone by using AMI??
that sounds almost too good to be true - can you provide a pointer to a good example?
Frankly speaking, I thought the softphone would be necessary for end-users (I can make calls using CLI )


Try googling terms like “click to dial”.