Partial number being received

Hi, I have a very strange situation which I would like to get peoples thoughts on. I have integrated an asterisk system into our existing setup in the following way:

[sender] ---- [existing pbx] ---- [Asterisk] ---- [telco] ---- [receiver]

This has allowed me to produce reports in a away I could not from the existing pbx. However I have noticed that a couple of the phone numbers being passed from the existing pbx are incomplete, but (and this is the strange bit) the call connects.

With asterisk receiving the call on span one and then setting up a new call on span two I am not sure how it is managing to connect when it appears to have an incomplete dialed number.

I increased the verbosity and produce the following log, you will note that it appears that 0845 has been dialed and that is all… in the UK there is no such number

Is the number that has actually been dialed displayed somewhere else? and if so where?