Parking slot notification goes to wrong phone when performing park

Using Asterisk 16 w/DPMA and all of our phones are Digium D60s.

I configured the parking feature on a single phone in res_digium_phones.conf by adding:
(to a phone section) --and by editing the digitmap to allow 7xx dialing


Including ‘parkedcalls’ in extensions.conf, I then set it up in the dialplan with _7xx,1,Goto(parkedcalls,${EXTEN},1)

This provided successful parking of calls received internally and via the ext trunk. Now here’s the problem… When I port this feature over to phones that are dialed via (PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS), I only get the parking slot notification on a single phone, which incidentally is the first phone registered to the AOR. The result… call comes in and rings on five phones, one person picks up and parks… a person two cubicles away, not on her phone gets the parking slot notification w/exit button. The person who parked the call simply goes back to the inactive screen with time display.

I’d really like to learn that I am just missing something and need to fix it, but I can’t find a way to dig deeper into my configuration to affect this kind of change.

Are all of these phones registering as the same extension number ?

Does a SIP trace show the park notification only being sent to one phone ?

As this is a commercial product I would suggest talking to support[1]. They can file an issue report in the appropriate place after diagnosing.


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Thanks for asking… I have not yet done a SIP trace. The phones are each configured and registering to a unique extension, but using DPMA, I have the 2nd line of this handful of phones all pointed to a single extension for our mainline, so that all of them can ring at once for incoming calls. Each of these phones is registering as a contact for the AOR record for that endpoint. I am still getting a grasp of the aor/endpoint relationship, which is further complicated by what can and can’t be done with the Digium Phones which are provisioned through DPMA. To be clear, the parking slot notification works just fine for lines and phones which only have a single associated contact. It’s the lines which ring via PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS, where things go awry.

Thanks. I have already done this, although with my familiarity of these features, I needed a starting point to help determine if there is an obvious fault with my approach (Asterisk-related), or if this appears more superficiously as a DPMA issue, alone.

On mainline calls, you might try dialing each of the extensions together as a single group, and modifying the ring tone and/or caller ID name information with a prefix like “MAIN:”. Then convert that 2nd line into a BLF for parking space 700 (3rd line for 701, etc.)

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