Parking log not sufficient. Please Help?

The parking lot system is not working for a multi client environment. I need to program a feature that would allow for the following. Based around a customer account. I looked at the multi parking lot mod and it looks closer but I am looking for a little differnet direction.

I am not looking for anyone to have the full answer for this any input would be helpful.

A call is received based on an account status the account needs to be able to be parked. Press *2
When another extensions / sip account that is associated with the account picks up and enters the pickup code *3. They are connected with the parked call.

If multiple calls are parked they would be placed on the bottom of the stack and pickups would be pulled from the top of the stack. If done right I could even allow for pull from with-in the stack but I do not know how helpfull that would be.

Where would I start to code this as a straight dial plan operation? I do not do c coding but can code in the asterisk basic, php, Any examples or even pieces of code examples that would show how to disconnect a connected channel and hold it in a que until a request for pickup would be appreciated.


My best suggestion would be to continue to use the Asterisk park system, but to write a dialplan wrapper around the “ParkedCall” application so that that people from one company can’t un-park a call from another company. There are several ways you could do this – either with group counts, AstDB, etc. I’d probably lean towards group counts myself.

Jared Smith
Community Relations Manager
Digium, Inc.


Thanks for your response. I still don’t get how this would solve my probelm. Let me give you more background on the problems I am having with the current parking system. I have found no way to dyanmically assign/create lots… It would be nice if the parking system worked more like the meetme system. meetme allows you to either use the meetme.conf or to dyanmically (dDe Optons) creat meetings. The dyanmic ability to allow differenet user accounts to be able to park calls in different manners. Some customers are using two user extenshions, some three, some four. Our system can handle this flexibilty but the parking lots do not seem to handle it as things need to be hard coded in a config before hand. This works for one or two customers on a box but when you have 15 to 20 I just don’t see the how to make the lot system work in it’s current state. This is one of those issues that is starting to cause me a great deal of problems. Big problem littel to no budget so I have to figure out a better way.