Parking - Courtesy Tone

Good afternoon all! So we have been using freepbx with asterisk 10 for awhile now with great success “thank you developers!!!” We rely on parking to transfer calls around a handful of small offices and up until 3 or so month ago when we picked up a parked call it would just connect the caller and be done. Well recently it has been playing the courtesy tone, so im looking through freepbx front-end and I find “Play courtesy tone for : callee, caller, both” I can not set it to “Neither” now. Is there a way manually in asterisk to turn the courtesy one off? Im oddly enough catching a lot of flak from my users about the tone breaking their ear drums “I know I know…” Thanks in advance guys!

Look into features.conf (or any of it’s inclusions in FreePBX) for “courtesytone”.
I guess You’ll have there a

Just comment this out and You should be done.

You are my hero!!! Im my particular setup it was in features_general_additional.conf but it did the trick!!! Commented it out and waalaaa!