Parking a 2nd time clean install dahdi 2.4.0

I have 2 installs of with dahdi 2.4.0 on a system I just built and a test box

On both machines:

  • If I take a call and park it, it parks to 71 or whatever slot is available
  • I retrieve that call
  • I try to park it a 2nd time
  • The caller and I both here me key in ##70 and nothing happens

The phones are Grandstream GXP2xxx and Bria soft phones. They both behave the same way (above)

This does not happen on my 1.4x installs but I rolled back to and had the same results on the test system.

I also applied the moh_park patch and did not get it fixed.

Has anyone seen this before or know the cure?

UPDATE: It gets worse. I just found out that if a 2nd person picks up the call from Park they cannot park it either. The retrieved call can be blind transferred with a grandstream phone but ## is useless after the call has been parked once.