Park does not work

park stopped working. after my system locked up earlier i rebooted the server and it seems that park does not work now. I hit the pound key and nothing happens!. help please!

CLI output and/or config files please!

/we can’t read minds…

my mistake it was working. i was calling my cell phone and trying to park from there. it seems park only works when a user calls into the box not the other way around. is that correct?

hmmmm…i would think that park would only work on the receiving end of a call - if you were to call from one internal extension to the other, the receiving phone should be able to park, but the calling phone shouldn’t.

perhaps try that, as park shouldn’t be limited to zap channels only…

park is using the transfer process … you might find that you can’t transfer any outgoing calls. Dial() needs the ‘T’ option specified for the caller to be able to initiate a transfer.