Park and Dial Application


I am in need of a dialplan app that will be accessed from an IVR menu to park and then numeric-page a network admin for after-hours support. Here’s the description.

  1. User enters the application from an IVR (eg, press 2 to page a netadmin).
  2. User’s call is parked, hears MOH.
  3. A new SIP channel is seized and dials a PSTN paging number, then pauses and enters a predefined pager number.
  4. Once the numeric page is rec’d, the netadmin then will call back into the system (via DISA) and pickup the parked call.
  5. If a netadmin does not pickup the parked call within a predefined timeout, the call will go to VM.

I’m running the latest ver of Trixbox. Any basic ideas on how to get this to work?


Your best thing would be is to do is to run in thru an agi. Also wouldnt it be easier to page the tech via email ? Alot of providers provide an email where you can send a text too. Also if you are dealing with one tech on call at time I wrote something that would place the caller on hold and then try the tech at a few diffrent numbers. If the tech isnt available the call goes to VM. The tech also gets the call and he has the option of taking the call or sending it to VM.

This is an example that I came up with. The Dial executes correctly, but when the remote side hangs up the call, it does not execute the Park. It simply ends the call completely. Any ideas?

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/pool2-iptelasip/pagernumberhere,120,D(wwwwPINHERE))
exten => s,2,park(49)