Paging with direct streaming, beep needed


I’va accomplished a intercom call (call with direct answer), but I would like to have a beep tone on the remote side.
I need the direct streaming because the A* server is located in a datacenter, and all phones are located are on remote locate locations, connected trough an MPLS.

How can this be done?

My code:

exten = _*80XXX,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info: answer-after=0)
exten = _*80XXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:3})
exten = _*80XXX,3, Hangup

What do you mean by MPLS?

What do you mean by beep tone? If you want to generate a tone before the through audio, you can use the any of the Gosub, macro (deprecated) or Goto options on Dial to achieve this.

What do you mean by direct streaming. If you meant direct media, I could not see anything in your logic that dictated a specific need for this. However, the call is a perfectly standard SIP call as far as Asterisk is concerned, it just has an extra SIP header, which Asterisk does not understand in any way. The normal directmedia ssettings should work, unless the phone itself does not like direct media in this case, although I cannot think why that might be.


In Belgium, or Europe for that matter an MPLS is a synonym for a leased line.

Laws in Europe dictate that when a page or intercom call is started, the called party should get an audible warning tone.

With the code seen below, the called phone automatically goes on speakerphone without warning.

Direct media is working, that is not a problem. I only need to get a audible warning on the called phone.

So the asterisk needs to play a beep warning, after that ‘it should disconnect itself from the conversation, and the speech needs to flow directly from and to the endpoints = direct streaming’.

I am faily new in the Asterisk world, but am clever enough to figure things out myself based on a working example.

Pages are generally outgoing audio only, so I don’t think there would be any need for a warning.

I am surprised, if there are laws on this, that this function is not implented in the phones. Although I’ve never had to deal with the issue directly, I think in the UK employment contracts can cover silent monitoring. Obviously nobody with any sense would connect a phone that is capable of silently going to a hot microphone where it could be accessed from untrusted sources.

I have never seen an example, so you need to work from first principles. There is yet another option on Dial that you could use, the one to send DTMF tones.

Try if the “A()” option of the Dial() application helps you out.

With hindsight, that might be even better.

There are just too many ways of doing this with Dial; I don’t think the OP actually read the documentation first. The first thing to learn might be:

core show application dial