Paging Announcement to offline user extension device

Hi Experts,

I am trying to setup paging group for emergency announcements using Asterisk-Freepbx.

Here user extension device is andriod/ios application running on mobile/laptop/desktop PC.

During emergency announcement to the page group offline users will not get the announcements as andriod/ios appication running in back ground or sleep results user extension device offline.

How to make announcement at user even that user is in offline due to above reasons?

I searched in multiple wiki links and find couple of ways

  1. push kit notification to the offline user before announcement dial on.
  2. Audio live streaming using icecast.

I didn’t completely understand those scenarios.

Could you please help me out to play the emergency announcement without delay or moderate delay at the user even he is in offline?

Neither of these is supported by Asterisk. I would suggest you set the phone application to never sleep (as for example WhatsApp forces).

Also, in Asterisk terms, these phones are not extensions. Extensions are the numbers used to access them in the dialplan, and in the case of paging, there need even be an Asterisk extension dedicated to this phone.

Hi david551, jcolp,

Sorry for my ignorance on Asterisk terminology.
Could you please suggest any alternative to achieve above requirement with asterisk.

Dial the phone over the mobile voice network.

Hi david551,

We came to know that Asterisk JACK application is suitable for the requirement to stream the live audio from the channel to external application.

Can you please confirm the same. If it is possible, then we can play the paging announcement at offline user end point with url of the audio stream.

I can neither confirm nor deny, as I have never used it. You still have to have a non-sleeping app, at the other end, to handle the resulting stream.

My suggestions are to use a proper mobile voice connection, or to mark the VoIP application on the mobile phone as never sleeping.

Thank you for quick response.

I am not sure how application team can play the audio stream url at the offline user. But as per the requirement if we provide live audio stream url or path, they can be able to play the same at end point.

Here end point user application is for both android and ios. For andriod they can make voip application never go to sleep but for ios application they have limitation.