Packet too large for UDP

I was reading the docs regarding the disable_tcp_switch option and it reads like it only applies to outbound packets. This brings up 2 questions. I ran into a situation where if the DNS server needs to send a large dns_srv packet it will switch to TCP and if the endpoint/AOR is only set for UDP and/or there is no TCP transport configured things will go haywire.
So 1: Is adding a TCP transport as simple as

using the same IP and port as the UDP transport?

And 2:

Will a standard endpoint/AOR specified as UDP automatically
switch to TCP and accept the packet?

SIP transports have nothing to do with DNS resolution. They only cover SIP traffic. In general, though, how you’ve stated will configure a TCP transport and send/receive TCP traffic. As long as the transport is configured, then SIP traffic will be accepted on it. For sending if using DNS resolution then it will make TCP available as a result for SRV and NAPTR.

Thanks for the explanation. That was what I sort of thought but wanted to be sure.

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