Packet loss, wrong sequence packets

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Problem: choppy audio, outgoing.

Fresh rpm install of Asterisk 11 on a fresh install of Centos 6.5 i386.
Couple of notes post installation. -(Fingers crossed this may have fixed my audio problem)
The linux-dahdi rpm did not install the /udev/rules files as expected so,the Dahdi kernel module could not load at boot as expected.I had to download an older version of linux-dahdi rpm ,extract the contents, and manually place the two udev files in /rules dir,and get the dahdi kernel module to load at boot. Was hoping this may have resolved the choppy audio I am experiencing but this did not help choppy audio.
Sidenote: In hindsite,after going to trouble to get dahdi.ko module to load at boot,I am wondering if the kernel does not find any Digum hardware installed if the module does not load by design? I have not found any documentation to verify this.
Have done the timing test and appears to come back with satisfactory results and using timerfd module for timing.

Testing: New Android phone 4.4 with CSipSimple voip client. on local lan.

When I do an echo test and capture with Wireshark it reports about an average of 3.5-4.5% packet loss when I do the “telophany>rtp” diagnosis. I am not sure how to interpret much of this. It seems doing a local lan,echo test there should for sure be no packet loss. There are many “out of sequence” packets as well. It appears from Wireshark capture the G711 codec ends up being used.
Doing the echo test the voice quailty is very good, but when doing an outbound call I can hear a very slight “electrical hiss” in the background on phone.

Would I gain anything by adding a Digium card to do the timing source?
If i was to upload an Wireshark capture would anyone be able to gather any good information from these captures?

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Sounds like you need to raise a bug report regarding the rules directory.

Out of sequence packets are caused by network issues (they are permitted in IP networks, but normally only happen around routing changes). Lost packets are caused by network problems.

You should not need dahdi as long as you enable internal timing and select a suitable source.