P.I. Business possibly looking at Asterisk

My spouse a successful Private Investigations business. I have a technical background and have been considering offering to update the phone system using Asterisk. In some ways this may be a solution in search of a problem. However, I wonder if I tap some of your experience here, you might be able to help with some ingenious updates.

Maybe you have suggestions?

Phone use:

  1. Clients communication - sales, information updates, etc… Currently one line, two extensions. The owner has one assistant, but also from time to time has investigators visit to do reports, etc… It would be good to have some voice access for them as well. Using the phone company’s voicemail and features. Nothing internal. This line is also used to communicate with investigators in the field that use mobile phones from a variety of providers.
  2. Fax - used fairly often. Currently one line.
  3. Mobile to mobile - probably not much you can do here - With the exception of two mobile phones that are company owned, investigators must provide their own mobile phone service, though if there were a cost effective way to communicate to investigators in the field we’d look at providing some kind of service for communication.

My thinking is that so much of the business is based on talking on the phone, there just has to be a way to improve the customer experience and investigator effectiveness by improving the system.

I know this is just a tiny little system, but I’m very interested in your ideas. Maybe there is something really clever we could do here.