Overhead Paging

Hey guys,

I am looking to implement a voip system with overhead paging. I have the CyberData SIP-Based VoIP Ceiling Speaker ( cyberdata.net/products/voip/ … eaker.html ). I need to group these speakers in Asterisk such that whoever needs to page just needs to dial the extension to that group and the speakers can be heard in every location they are mounted, and then they hangup. Can any and evryone shed a light on this please?



as simple as

exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/2223&SIP/2206&SIP/2204)

I would assume


The dial() command will not broadcast to all the extensions dialed. It will wait only talk to the first device to pick up.

you would want Page(sip/1234&sip/1235) etc. Page dials all of them and puts them in a meetme room, then dumps them all when the person who initiated the call hangs up

Thanx for the response guys. So which means a fully functional meetme is needed to set this up. and does it just choose a random meetme room number?

that it does :smile:

How does it choose which meetme room to use? Does it use a pre-configured room or it creates one itself. If it uses a preconfigured room, how does it choose one, in what sequence?

it just creates a random room, you don’t need to set it up. Just call Page(something) and watch the CLI… its random