Output of Monitor Application


I wanna know which sound formats supports the Monitor (or Record) application.

I need to use the Speex codec in the Record’s output, but it seems impossible. However, the call sound can be encoded with the Speex codec but never recorded, is there anyway to use the Speex codec also in the Record/Monitor application?

Thanks a lot.

Nobody has any suggestion? :blush:

CLI> core show file formats

There is no format module for speex.

Well… So there is ogg format, and for all I know, audio encoded with Speex can be stored in ogg files. But I don’t know if it’s possible and how to change the codec used by ogg (think its Vorbis or PCM) for replacing it for the Speex codec.

Any help? Thanks a lot. :mrgreen:

core show file formats tells you which codec is associated with each file format.

I think you are going to have to write your own format module, if you really can’t live without recording in speex.