Outgoing Stops Randomly

I am having Asterisk Server with PRI Card connected with Loopback on Cisco IP CUCM Gateway. I am Having Daltronics PRI Card installed with Asterisk Version 11.5.1. My issue is like every few hours randomly My Outgoing stops working and i need to fire the command “CORE RESTART NOW” after that my outgoing starts normally. I have never seen this before and I am at a total loss of what this means. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

In general, for PRI cards, you should get support from the card vendor, through their commercial channels.

Also, Asterisk 11.5.1 is almost nine years old and is almost 5 years past end of life, so, from a software point of view, the first thing to do is to upgrade to 18.14.0, and also upgrade DAHDI to a current version (you didn’t give its version).

If core restart now work, you may have a deadlock, in which case see Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki for how to get debugging information.

Hi David,

First of All Thank You Very Much for a prompt reply. My DAHDI Tools Version is - 3.1.0.

dahdi-linux, not dahdi-tools. (actually both, but dahdi-tools is unlikely to be implicated in any crash, although it may need to match the dahdi-linux version). 3.1.0 is the latest release for both.

“Daltronics PRI Card” produces no plausible hits on Google.

Actually, 3.2.0 is the latest release (release candidate is out now).

Don’t use 3.1.0 as that hasn’t even compiled anymore in a LONG time.

I deliberately exclude release candidates; they are akin to Microsoft’s open beta concept, and might have serious problems. I’ve noticed some people using the highest numbered version and not realising the significance of “-rc1” etc.

It may be OK to use a release candidate version if no released version works, or you want to do advance testing.

Yes, in this case, none of the actual releases works anymore, or has in years, so it’s 3.2.0-release candidate or bust at this point.

This release candidate contains compiler fixes from the past several years and not really much else, so there’s no risk with this rc, and again, not using it will simply not work anyways.

I do wish they would go ahead and just release the actual 3.2.0 release, since it’s been rc for several weeks and there are no working “full releases” at the moment, leading to just the kind of confusion here. Since it’s the only working release, the rc is effectively “the” release for now.

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