Outgoing over smart tap or regular modem?


I have a simple problem, in a getting complex environment…

Long story short, i work for a “call center”, where we use an Avaya phone system, Castel Dialer and voice recording system.

agents are given phone calls via the castel dialer and the as/400 and the phone calls are recorded by yet another server.

problem comes in where an agent transfers a phone call to a certain department for check processing. once the transfer happens, the phone call is no longer recorded and that person that will process the check needs to use a separate tape recorder that listens in on their line.

I have been charged with the need to find out if voip can be used in anyway to help record these calls

so, i have a server here, it runs redhat es 4, and i’ve installed asterisk and made calls to other computers in the office via voip and call recording works fine

problem comes in now, connecting it to the rest of the pbx system (avaya)

2nd problem is doing this as cheap as possible.

prying and digging, loosing my mind over it, i came to the conclusion that the server that records agent calls has to be using one of these special cards needed to connect voip to a pbx. we have 2 64 channel cards and 1 32 channel card - the 32 channel card not being used, i took it out and put it in the linux box – dont think its working thow

from what windows told me about the card, its called a Smart Tap card. Any idea if Asterisk can use this ?

then, i was hoping this might work… can a regular modem be used to connect voip to the regular phone system ? if we have to put 4 modems in the pc, thats fine, even if they all need their own separate line to the avaya thats fine. but can the voip call be routed through a modem and not through one of these special cards ?

any help is appreciated.