Outgoing Name display issue

Just wondering if anyone ran into this problem, PSTN interface is PRI to a DMS100 configured as ISDN-2(NI2 in the DMS world). We aren’t seeing any Name Display on outgoing calls from a SIP phone out the PRI trunks, number displays fine but name is UNKNOWN. We ran PMDEBUG on the switch and can see the name in the DSP field but the switch isn’t presenting it to the receiving party. It seems like an optioning problem in the DMS100 but haven’t been able to sort it out yet.

any ideas?

Okay I guess my next question would be does anyone have outgoing name display working out into the public network.

yes but in the pstn in the us anyway you dont send the name just the number the called switch then does a dip to get the name or at least this is what I was told

I got this working now, in case someone runs into this similar problem, it was just optioning in the DMS100. Have a look at table ISDNPARM which keys into table TRKSGRP. A Tuple is required to allow name display to function correctly, specifically the DIE option(display information element).

PM me if I can help with more details.